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Governmental Relations

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Advocate for Florida State

Now with the 2016 Legislative Session behind us, we invite you to go to: for updates on the University‚Äôs priorities and other issues affecting Florida State.  Advocate for Florida State will give you the opportunity to express your support of Florida State to state officials.  You are encouraged to utilize the Advocate for Florida State website, which simplifies the conveying of your support.

If you have not done so already, please register with the Advocate site. Doing so will also allow the University to more easily keep you updated on issues of importance during the legislative session.


Reminder to FSU employees:

Periodically, members and staff of the Florida Legislature ask FSU faculty and/or staff to attend committee meetings or to respond formally to questions about certain issues. Employees of The Florida State University are required to notify this office and take certain steps before making their appearance. More information...


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